Healing of a Knee in the tram, June 27th of 2022

A woman has had pain in her knee. The Holy Spirit gave me an impuls to ask the woman, if she has pain somewhere. As I praid for her, she felt relief from the pain. (c) The Lord Jesus Christ and Steffen Bürger

The Presence of God in the waiting room of the dentist

You can start the video by clicking on the picture above or click on the YouTube window. Video recorded by Media Team Jesus Haus Duesseldorf (Thank you very much). To start the video please click on the YouTube video above (or click on the picture over the YouTube clip). The reality of Jesus is not…

Pastor Tumuhimbise Don Bosco – God showed me how to write songs for HIM

Pastor Tumuhimbise John Bosco (c) Photography: Steffen Buerger (Uganda 2017) Music of Pastor Tumuhimbise John Bosco: I’m Tumuhimbise John Bosco I’m a pastor and I’m heading a ministry called: “Word of Life Ministries International: By the grace of God I’m the founder of that ministry. Steffen: Okay Pastor Tumuhimbise: And that ministry was launched in…

Pastor Israel Mivule (Part 4): “I saw Angels and the Throne of God”

Pastor Israel Mivule, Prayer Mountain Kampala Seguku (August, 19th 2017) (c) Photography Pastor Israel Mivule In the last blog Pastor Israel Mivule told us, how God provided for him supernaturally with food and hwo the Holy Spirit taught him to play the keyboard. In this blog he tells us, how he saw hosts of angels…

Pastor Israel Mivule (Part 2): “God healed me instantly”

Pastor Israel Mivule, Prayer Mountain Kampala Seguku (August, 24th, 2017) (c) Photography Pastor Israel Mivule In part 1 of the interview Pastor Israel Mivule was telling us, how Jesus called him into ministry with an audible voice, how he went sick and how he went on the way to the Prayer Mountain in his desperation….