Pastor Israel Mivule (Part 5): God said: “I have a wife for you”

In the last blog, Pastor Israel Mivule told us, how he saw the throne of God and how God led him into the ministry by teaching him personally how to play the keyboard. In this blog Pastor Israel Mivule tells us, how God gave him a wife and how he was healed miraculously from high blood pressure.

And it was all that happened when I was still in the jungle, having no home, nothing, the Lord coming, saying: “Israel, I want you to prepare yourself. You are going to get married. I am going to give you a wife.” I said: “God, no, I cannot marry. You see, I am struggling alone. And you want to give me a wife? Where will I take the wife? I don’t have a house, have nothing! I am staying in the bush! So how do you, saying, you want me to marry? So, how do you want me… You say, you want me to marry? I will not. Then the Lord said: “Israel, I want you to prepare yourself. I want you to marry.” And he gave me reasons, saying: “First of all, I want you to get, to marry now, because, with time to come, I want know, when you are still young, then you will go through some experiences with your wife. And the time went, and when the time comes, I would be using you much, like in the ministry, more in the ministry, you will be traveling a lot. I want that time to reach, when you were, when you have settled in the family with your wife. But this time I want you to get a wife, then, I will do a work between you, the two.”
That work, he explained it to me that it will be the crushing of the character. Because both of us came from different families, different characters, so he said he will crush that character of both of us, until become one. That we’ll be together. And he said that so, that’s why he wanted me to get married.
And I said: “No, God, I don’t want to get married now, because, I don’t have food, I am, even me I live a life by FAITH. And he said: “Okay, want you to get married. That is the next, that I want.”
I refused. I refused totally. Because there is – my situation is not speaking well. So after some – i refused totally. It took me like two years I refused. And I went through a terrible, terrible lifestyle, when I refused.
Every time when I have been rebellious to Gods will, what happened that was not easy for me. I remember that time when I refused the spirit of the Lord departed from me. And I felt him you know feeling the same man who entered in me that I felt the other experience. When he entered through my head, coming down, I felt him coming from my feet going from me and I cried. That experience I cried. Because I was used of him. I cried. I said: “Come back. Okay, now I accept. Come back, come back.” And I went through a life for like a year, like without him and it was like a darkness over my life. It’s a life that I don’t wish to go anybody to go through. Because it was – every time I was fainting, every time I was fainting, they could just find me down.
I’m down, fainting, like a big gap in me every time I was sick, until like one year after I had gone to pray, even I had lost time to pray, because, you know, I used to pray daily like for twelve hours. Sometimes from morning 7 am to 6 pm just in the thicket, not coming out. But just with the Lord, praying in the fellowship.

That’s when I discovered that God is sweet. That fellowship is so sweet, so so sweet, beyond anything I can explain on earth. I have never seen anything sweet like this fellowship with the Holy Spirit. But the more I spent time with him I realize that he is so, so sweet, that I could not even go out of his presence. He was, you know, he is true, God is true that every time he could tell me: “I love you, my son. I’ve loved you son.” You know that love, it was like as you can embrace a physical person. He, sometimes in this experience he was like a physical person with me. Embracing me saying, I could just say: “I love you, father.” And I feel another voice: “I love you, son. I love you.” And I could spend twelve hours, not leaving the place. I’m just there. Not even knowing how the day that has become too dark. So I had lost all that when I refused to do, what he wanted me to do.

So after one year I had got somewhere. I had gone to pray. And reaching, he was like waiting for me in that place. He said: “Israel, you are welcome.” And I was so happy to hear his voice again after a long time. And he said: “You have come to pray. But the only answer the only prayer I will answer it will be in the line of marriage. Outside that I will not answer.” I said: “Whow.” (laughing) And I said: “Okay, God, now I am praying for marriage. I accept to marry now.” So, then I started praying and said: “God.” And I prayed for my wife. And God spoke to me and told me about my wife. He said: “Your wife, he told me even the charakter of my wife. He said: “Your wife is like this, is like this. She doesn’t want counseling, she doesn’t want people to counsel. You know, she is somehow strong hearted, and you bear with her. Time will come when she will become soft.”

And I knew the behaviors of my wife before I met her. And the Lord has told me everything. And after that he said: “Okay, I will bring your wife.”
And immediately after that there was a girl who came near by. I thought: “Maybe she’s the one”, we walked for some time in a courtship. But the time reached, the lord said: “Israel, that is not your wife. That is not your wife. Separate from her.” And when I separated from her, after some time, there was another girl, who came, started working in the media. And we started praying together, we became friends, not knowing, that she was my wife. After a time the Lord spoke to me, that: “Now, that is your wife.”
After we had become friends. We got used to each other, and God provided. You know in Africa, we make weddings, big, big weddings, that’s an introduction, God provided, we made an introduction, that was so expensive. And the wedding was so expensive, but God provided. And God gave, God has a house. Now I’ve been married for like, coming to eight years.
Steffen: Wow.
Israel: Having three children. And everything the Lord spoke to me before I got my wife, I have seen it. In the beginning life was not easy with her. It was a crushing of the character: My character and her character. And, but we thank God, now we have stabilized, because now, I am going more in the full ministry as God was telling me that he wants first to do a work in me, then he will be sending me to the nations.

So, because of time, but, a lot of things, really I have seen. A lot of experiences. Experience of the angels, experience of God himself. I remember, I was suffering from – in our family, there was a high blood pressure, I don’t know, whether it’s called like that, and and we had a challenge, that, sometimes I could be walking, and I get dizzy, and I just fall down. But I remember, one day, I cried to God so much. I said: “God, deliver me from this disease.”
Steffen: Normally, I think it’s a demonic attack.
Israel: Yeah, it was. Yeah, it was a demonic attack.
So it affected my father and some of our family. I knew, it was like a curse in the family or a demonic attack in the family.
Steffen: Okay, mmh.
Israel: So, I remember one day, I was praying at prayer mountain. I was in the church at… it’s an open place, and it was so cold. And I was in the floor crying: “God, deliver me, God deliver me.” I had gone to different pastors and they had refused to pray for me. So, when I was praying one day, I cried so much and bitter, because I needed hope. Then, as I was crying, from very far, from very, very far, I saw a stone, white stone, coming where I was. It was coming at a very high speed. It was a big stone, coming at a very hight speed. And it’s speed had like fire. Fire ahead of it. COMING!! And I saw it coming, I saw… it was … this is not in a dream, not in a vision, it was physical. I was praying. And I saw it coming, I say: it was coming very, very fast, it was coming, with… headed by fire, fire, fire, coming, rolling like this, said: “Ho, what is this, coming? What is this, coming? What is this?” It came, very speed until it rested in my chest: “Tchchchchchup.” And all my body became like ice. Like ice. And I felt healing over my body. And from that day, that disease went.
Steffen: Amen, thanks, God.
Israel: So, a lot of things, that really, I have gone through, experiences with the Lord, even to different nations, where we have been going, as we prepare ourselves, God gives a clear vision of what is holding these nations, holding different families, holding different churches. So, the more, we set ourselves to seek God, God is real. He will speak before. He will speak before.
So, just give thanks to God and praise for his wonderful ways.

(c) Pastor Israel Mivule and Steffen Buerger

Pastor Israel Mivule preaching (c) Photography: Pastor Israel Mivule
Pastor Israel Mivule preaching
(c) Photography: Pastor Israel Mivule


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