Pastor Israel Mivule (Part 1): “God called me with an audible voice”

Pastor Israel Mivule, Prayer Mountain Kampala Seguku (August, 24th, 2017)
(c) Photography Pastor Israel Mivule

My name is Pastor Israel Mivule. I am Ugandan and I am a missionary. By the grace of God I have moved around different nations – even Europe. I was in Germany. I was in Berlin, doing the work of God.

But I just want to thank God for these experiences that, so far, I have encountered in my personal. Praise the Lord:
Like in the year 2005 I remember I was doing business. I had a shop where I used to sell phones and accessories. And in that business as a young believer I loved praying, I loved staying long time with God. And the more I became closer with God, setting apart myself, to seek his face, it reached a moment, when the Lord started to speak to me: “Israel, I did not create you to do the kind of business you are doing.”
He could show me in the visions and in the dreams how people were suffering. People were sick. And he could point to me: “This is the reason why I brought you up. Minister to my people to bring healing, to bring deliverance to my people.”
But being a young minister, I hated to be in the full time ministry because I had seen how Pastors were suffering ways of means of living, the life of faith without any work. It was not easy for them to get something to eat. So I said: “No God, let me first do business and I acquire some money – much money. Maybe I build my personal house. Then I would join the ministry. Or I can just … – let me work out some money, I would just bring money to the ministry and other people go and preaching… So God could leave me for some time. But the spirit of God came back with a heavy conviction and I could hear a voice of God speaking. And he said: “Israel, Israel, I did not create you to do what you are doing. We are on earth for a purpose. I created you for people who are suffering.” And I could argue with him and I said: “No, first leave me to do business.” And it took me like two years when I was rebellious over the voice of God. Because I had gained some good money as a young man and I used to invest in the kingdom of God, everywhere I could go for preaching the word of God I could invest a lot of money. But I did not want to do what God was telling me. So that was the time when I heard – after the Lord has talked to me and I had refused – I heard a hand, like a human hand, scratching my brain. Scratching my brain and something wiping out – all of my understanding from my brain. And this experience started slowly. And it continued and continued. And the more it continued, every time I could hear a human hand scratching my brain. And the more it happened I felt pain over my brain. And every time I had headache – I felt headache, pain and it took long, like from one month, two month, this happened daily – daily!! And said: “What happened to me?” In other times I was not hearing the voice of the lord. And it was a time when I felt – God was far from me – like a rebellious person.
Steffen: Did you feel the hand or only hear?
Israel: Only in the brain.
Steffen: You felt it in the brain?
Israel: In the brain. (5:34)
Like a human hand was scratching my brain like this. (shows how)
Steffen: And then you heard the scratching?
Israel: The scratching – every moment, like somebody touching my brain and squeezing something out of my brain. So it was a painful moment – a painful moment. So at the same time, after that time, when that happened, I lost memory. I could not remember something that has just happened in two minutes. If something has happened in two minutes and you asked me: “What has happened?” I could not remember. So I lost my memory, I lost all the things I knew, I lost them. You could come and ask me: “What was this and this? How much did you buy that phone?” I could not remember. (6:25) So when that continued I became a mad person. But by that time it was so painful, I had lost my memory and a smell could come like something that is rotten. Something smelling bad coming out of my mouth. And even the breath I was breathing had no life. I don’t know, if people can understand this experience. You know the breath, we are breathing it has life and it’s so good, when you breathe out. You feel like – it is so good as you breathe out and breathe in. But at that time, my breathe had no life and it was like painful as I breathed it was so painful. Only the breath it was so painful. So that went on for a long time and the truth is I hated my life. I said “what is wrong?” but inside of me I knew that because of being rebellious to God’s word and what God was telling me this has caused all these things to happen to me. (7:49)
So even that I said: “No”, I was still around I had some people working in the business, many times I could be at home, but going through that like as a mad person walking, touching the head. But inside me, my inside life was understandable. I don’t know, weather I can be understood, that my outward appearance, my head, was paining me so much, because of the other hand and even the breath that was coming out of me was like dead. It had no life. But through that pain and that scratching I lost the memory and I was like a mad person, not knowing what to do, what to do next. So after time, one day, somebody brought me a big bag as a gift. Then when this sister brought me this big bag as a gift, I didn’t know for what use. I put the bag in the house. So in the morning I heard a voice. I was out. I had left the house and I was in the Trading Center. I heard a voice and this voice said: “Israel, Israel, leave this place and go!” So I …
Steffen: Was it an audible voice or an inner voice?
Israel: Yeah, audible voice. And I was living far from our main capital city. So I was like 130 km far from Kampala. So I was living in another city.
Steffen: I have another question to the voice: How was the noise of the voice? How did it sound?
Israel: It was like – as you can hear a voice like in your ears, like “Israel, Israel, leave this place and go!”
Steffen: Was it a dark voice? Or a lighter voice?
Israel: Like a lighter voice, that you can hear. And that one I replied: “Where?”, like that. Because, like somebody was speaking at the back of my left. But I could not know. But I said: “Where?”. Like that. So and from that…
Steffen: You have been 120 km away from Kampala?
Israel: Yes I was far from like a 120 km from Kampala, our capital city. So I was in the western part of Uganda – another small town, where I was doing business. So when I heard that voice, I came back home and I don’t know by that time, because I had lost the mind. But I remember somebody that had given me a big bag. Then I said maybe I leave this town and I go somewhere else – maybe I’ll get relief, maybe I will get better, that voice – due to the understanding inside of me. So when I was reaching the house, the voice came back. And I felt somebody speaking in my back, like at my back: “Israel, Israel, leave this place and go!” And I replied: “Where?” Like that.
Steffen: It was the same voice?
Israel: The same voice, now the second time. (11:14)
So, now I went inside – I got that bag. I put some clothes that I saw (sew) and I packed it very well. So now I went and waited for the public means, for the taxi. As I stood like this the voice came the third time: “Israel, Israel, leave this place and go.” I said: “Where?” And then I heard: “Go to prayer mountain.” You know there is a prayer mountain for World Trumpet Mission (see the link here). It said: “As you go to the airport from Kampala (to the airport of Entebbe)”. So now I had to travel all the way from that town, 120 kilometers to Kampala. Then I get to the direction to the prayer mountain. And I said: “Prayer mountain, doing what?” So the voice is not speaking to me again. So I said: “Okay, let me board a taxi, and I go there.” So that was then me inside speaking. Because of the outward situation that I was going through, I said, “Maybe I would be remould from there”, even this smell, which was coming out of me that people could not come near me, because I was smelling badly and even what had happened to my brain.

In the next Blog the second part of the interview is published. There you learn to know, how Jesus healed Pastor Israel Miuvle instantly on the Prayer Mountain.

(c) Pastor Israel Mivule and Steffen Bürger

Pastor Israel Mivule preaching (c) Photography: Pastor Israel Mivule
Pastor Israel Mivule preaching
(c) Photography: Pastor Israel Mivule


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