The sign on the forehead saves… Part 1

Taw (c) Steffen Bürger
Taw (c) Steffen Bürger

Ezechiel is paintin a dark picture in chapter 9. People, that have a sign on their forehead, are saved before the coming judgement. Those, who carry the sign, are suffering under the degenerative and devastating lifestyle among their fellow men. Those, who have chosen a life without Yahwe, don’t carry the sign at their forehead. They get lost and must die (Ezekiel 9,3 and 9,6).
This sign was the hebrew letter taw.
At the time of the prophet Ezechiel the Taw was written in the shape of a cross. Everyone that has the cross written on their forehead, will be saved. That is a reference to the cross of Christ, that saves all mankind before the judgment – all that believe in it.
That is remarkable, because Ezekiel lived about 600 years before Christ – and Ezekiel already mentioned early in the bible a reference to the fact, that Jesus saves through his death on the cross.
The book of revelations, chapter 9, verse 4 is referring to Ezekiel 9,4 and says, that in the very last days all people that conquer evil, will carry the seal upon their forehead. Those, who have the seal upon their forehead will be saved from the judgement. The meaning of this I will explain in my next blog. (View Part 2: “The seal upon the forehead saves”)

Lord Jesus Christ of Nazareth, I want to carry your seal. I believe, that you died for me on the cross and rose from the dead. Help me to become a conqueror, not through my own power, but through your power. Thank you that I am sealed because of that. I give you my whole life and thank you, that you lead it in the right direction and that you make me a conqueror.

(c) Steffen Bürger
Thanks for proofreading to Sarah Nafula