Pastor Tumuhimbise Don Bosco – God showed me how to write songs for HIM

Pastor Tumuhimbise John Bosco (c) Photography: Steffen Buerger (Uganda 2017)

Music of Pastor Tumuhimbise John Bosco:

I’m Tumuhimbise John Bosco I’m a pastor and I’m heading a ministry called: “Word of
Life Ministries International: By the grace of God I’m the founder of that
Steffen: Okay
Pastor Tumuhimbise: And that ministry was launched in 2013. In March we are making now four years, almost. I think we are in four years andsomething.
Steffen: Yeah you gave me a CD. What, what about the CD?
Pastor Tumuhimbise: The CD is a music. I happened to receive a prophecy when I was still a new believer in the Lord that I have a gift of of singing and my early years in Christianity I was involved in
the worship team and in the youth choirs in the church and later on when I became an evangelist and a pastor, then I begun to see the gift developing.
Steffen: mhm
Pastor Tumuhimbise: As I would be playing the guitar or playing the keyboard then God would
bring some revelation some inspirations of words. And I would come up with a song. Then I would write it down and then sing it in the church and thereafter
Steffen: So it just came to you that you just discovered that you could play an instrument or how it worked?
Pastor Tumuhimbise: Even the instruments it was also a prophecy. A man of God it was my pastor he told me that: “I can see you have it a gift of playing instruments.” But by that time I had not yet even known how to play an instrument. But it became a desire inside of my heart whenever I would see somebody
playing an instrument I would get so interested to learn, but I would not get an opportunity. But one time somebody just gave me a hint on how to touch some keyboard notes and from there I begun to develop the gift by myself. So now I can play the keyboard and the guitar.
Steffen: You just … somebody showed you saw one time ….
Pastor Tumumuhimbise: … Gave me gave me one key that is C, how to touch it and how to play it. Then from there I got a book which teaches the, the keys of the, of the keyboard I kept on following by practice. And now I can play.
Steffen: Wow. And how long did it take that you could play?
Pastor Tumuhimbise: It took me … I’ve done it from 2007 up to now.
Steffen: Up to now. So 10 years.
Pastor Tumuhimbise: Yes, 10 years
Steffen: And how long did it take that you could play an instrument?
Pastor Tumuhimbise: It took me months. A matter of months.
Steffen: Really, only month?
Pastor Tumuhimbise: That’s when I entered into the pastoral ministry God
had given that church machines, that is the keyboard and some guitars so I got a chance of getting involved in doing much practice. Because before then it was different whenever I would run to touch an instrument they would prohibit me from touching. So when I got a chance of being a pastor in the church, I had time to have the machines to be in charge of the machines. So I took time to learn.
Steffen: Do you see a difference between, between, can I tell you, between the connection to an instrument and music, before you have been a Christian? Could you say, that is was different, when you came to Christ?
Pastor Tumuhimbise: Before I came to Christ I loved music but I didn’t know that I had a gift in me. But
when I accepted Christ then the desire continued to be stronger. But before I became a Christian now I used to love that secular music of people who are not born again. But when I got saved I abandoned the other side of music and I stepped to the Christian music. And then the gift continued to develop. And then I began to realize that I can read now.
Steffen: How do you record now the things? Are you arranging also songs and you got arrangements also from from God?
Pastor Tumuhimbise: Yeah at the moment I get the song, I just get a pen and a
piece of paper. I write it down. Then the arrangements stirs the Spirit of God and enables me to arrange the song. How it is going to flow.
Steffen: So with different instruments also.
Pastor Tumuhimbise: And then… Yes. And then I happen to play it on the keyboard then after that I look for money to go to the studio. And in the studio, when I got money, I go to the studio then they they record it. They record the the beat, the rhythm and
everything and then the voicing and it comes out.
Steffen: So how did you learn to write that down, the notes? Do you write the notes?
Pastor Tumuhimbise: I don’t write the notes, I write words. I write words of the song, as it flows
Steffen: Okay.
Pastor Tumuhimbise: Because I do practice on the keyboard, I still remember how it flows in the rhythm and the keys and how it flows. So, when I go there in the
studio just sing…
Steffen: mm-hm
Pastor Tumuhimbise: …and they record the voice.
Steffen: So then you compose the song and then the teamwork starts. That’s awesome! Would you allow me, when, when I would publish it on my website to, to also publish one song?
Pastor Tumuhimbise: I really want it so much. Because for me to, to have my music, to have this ministry grow, I need to be published.
Steffen: Is there something what you want to talk about or witness how you came to faith?
Did you go through some process of deliverance also? Because this is about the supernatural.
Pastor Tumuhimbise: We can talk about it: On my side I accepted Christ in 1994. That was faith. Formerly I was a Catholic and but before that there was a revival which took place in our country. In the western part of our country. And that revival brought about the change in the way the parents named their children. The names of children, they were named according to the revival that took place. So you find that our names have a meaning. Like for my case the name “Tumuhimbise” means let us praise him. So I was named after that even before I knew the Lord. It was of the effect of that revival in our area. It happened that in our in our clan, I didn’t know about witchcraft. So when I came to know the Lord it was easier for me to get more deeper in the Lord. I didn’t have to undergo much deliverance, like someone who has demons in him. Like these things like that. But there are some clans in our country, where you find that when people come to know the Lord they have to undergo a deliverance. It is a process, yes it’s process.Some people have demonic forces according to the practices they were doing in their
clans, like witchcraft – stuff like that. Yeah
Steffen: Ok so thank you, thank you very much for the interview.
Pastor Tumuhimbise: You’re welcome.
(c) Steffen Buerger and Pastor Tumuhimbise Don Bosco

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