The reality of our faith in Jesus Christ becomes lively in impossible situations

Sailingboat at Tershelling (c) Photograph: Steffen Bürger April 2017
Sailingboat at Tershelling
(c) Photograph: Steffen Bürger April 2017

Sometimes, when everything is easy, we’re not experiencing the lively reality of faith in Jesus Christ. We experience the reality of our faith, when we are standing in an impossible and unsolvable situation and we know in our inner man, that God will extricate us: (spoken metaphorically) “we have to go over the water”. – When we come into a humanly desperate situation, then we experience, that Jesus is alive, that he has paid for us and that he has brought us through everything with his love and victorious power.

Lord Jesus Christ, I am totally in your hand: At my perishability I see YOUR imperishability, at my disgrace I see YOUR endless grace, at my weakness I see your strenght, at my sickness I see your healing, at my break down I see your victory, at my lowliness I see your glory, at my lack I see your wealth, at my lack of love I see your unfailing love. Nothing can rip me out of YOUR hand. (2 Cor 15:53-55).


(c) Steffen Buerger

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