The Power of the Blood

Bread of Life (broken) and Blood of redemption - (c) Photography: Steffen Buerger - (Nov 2017)
Bread of Life (broken) and Blood of Redemption –
(c) Photography: Steffen Buerger – (Nov 2017)

The woman on the left front seat besides the driver hastily encourages Christel to step into the car. Christel (the name is changed), a woman in the early thirties, is on her way home. She steps into the car and first they drive into the appointed direction. After a while the route changes. Christel suspects that they are taking a shortcut. But in the night there is no traffic jam – so it would not have been necessary. “I will step out at the next stop”, Christel thinks and prepares herself. But she cannot open the door because it is locked with the child safety lock. The conductor on the back seat, sitting to the left of Christel, says to the other woman: “Now you can step out, this woman is okay.”
Now Christel takes fright and tries quietly, nearly noiselessly, to call home with her mobile phone.
The car turns to the beach and she is requested to step out. “Are you calling somebody?”, asks the conductor, that sees her with the phone, “Give me your mobile phone – whom are you calling?” As she hands over the mobile phone to him, he realizes, her relatives on the other side of the line, have recognized his voice. Christel’s relatives pray to Jesus, to set her free. Obviously she has been hijacked. “You know now, what you are in for!” says the driver with an ugly smile in his face. Christel suspects something bad. “We will now have a nice time, afterwards we will sacrifice you and then throw you into the see.” The conductor already starts fumbling with the clothes of Christel but she fights back. Yet again the mobile phone rings.
The driver picks the phone. It is somebody from Christel’s family. “What do you now intend to do? Let her go!”, the voice shouts. After a short clash the driver replies with a fearful voice “I will”. Now scarefully and forcefully the conductor shouts to the driver “You have said, we have to sacrifice somebody, otherwise something bad happens to us!” “It will hopefully not happen.” the driver answers.

Then he nudges Christel in the direction of the street – off the beach – “You! Go! Get along with you!”, he shouts to Christel. – “Here – is your mobile phone – get off!” Both men run into the car and drive away. Christel’s family picks her up and she is fortunately undamaged – her emotional wounds still must heal.

In another instance a child was kidnapped, to dedicate the child to satan and to kill it. Just as the boat was about to leave the engine didn’t start. As the parents arrived, to rescue the child and only a moment after they put their child out of the boat, and was in their arms, the engine started again. That was not a coincidence. Many people had prayed and helped to find and rescue the child.

Blood sacrifices exist since thousands of years. Those, who do this, promise themselves special advantages, like power, riches, a new job or just simple, to injure somebody with this sacrifice, like causing him to get ill or die. Blood sacrifices, as human or animal sacrifices have power. But they have also harmful side effects. The forces, activated with this, claim more sacrifices continually. Satan bounds and enslaves people, while Jesus sets people free. According to this, blood sacrifices express increasingly the renunciation from Jesus Christ. They are nothing else than idolatry. The spiritual law behind this demands a high price: From the one that partakes in blood sacrifices, will be forced a compensation. People that are involved in blood sacrifices have in the end to pay with sickness or death.

The majority of none western cultures are knowledgeable about the forces of evil. They have, because of that, aware of the effects from blood sacrifices and other sacrifices to dark forces. Many apply them to their lives or the lives of others. Many Christians in western cultures think very objective and ignore or deny the existence of evil as a separate force. Because of that they don’t know the effects and power of blood sacrifices.

However there are blood sacrifices and other sacrifices in the western culture. Although many people from the western culture mistake them for something medieval, there are blood sacrifices and general sacrifices also in the western world. Often these ceremonies seem to be normal, like in daily life and nobody recognizes it – nevertheless – the effects are devastating.
If somebody doesn’t know the laws of the supernatural or denies them, doesn’t mean, that they have no effect. It’s the same like with gravity, who denies it, he will experience this power latest, when he holds his car keys on top of the drain and then releases them.

The rituals of a sacrifice are not obviously recognizable as sacrifice: for example murder, abusive behavior, rape, and war can be interpreted as blood sacrifices. Generally one can say: All deeds, where innocent blood is shed or when someone else, who is innocent, is bruised and with the injury the abuser wants to give himself an edge. In doing so, the sacrifice is as bigger, as vulnerable and more closer related the person is, that is damaged.

Another form of sacrifice is forced by the need of compensation. He who has got something in the physical world unrighteously, has got debts in the spiritual world. And the opposite: He who has got something in the spiritual world unrighteously has got debts in the physical world. In this way, spiritual and physical world are working together – they assemble in the sacrifice. A sacrifice creates compensation.

The law demands continuous compensation for something that somebody has got unrighteously. Here life will be demanded for life, an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth. (Exodus 1:23-25). Although it sounds after justice, this is first a very archaic form of grace. It prevents from taking one life for one eye. The grace is at that time, that atonement is made with giving only an eye as a blood sacrifice for an eye.

From the beginning sacrifices in the bible have a relation to sin. After Adam and Eve had sinned, God made them both coats of skin. (Gen 3:21) That is the first reference in the bible to a blood sacrifice, the sacrifice of an animal, carried out by God himself. Already very early in the bible the meaning of the blood is mentioned: “The life of the body is in its blood.” (Lev 17:11 own translation). Blood sacrifices in the bible in the Old Testament are mentioned as a means, to compensate sins: “Because the blood causes atonement through the life therein.” (Lev 17:11 own translation). The life in the blood has such a big meaning, that even its consumption was forbidden (Lev 17:12).

Now in todays Judaism there is no forgiveness of sin anymore. After the destruction of the temple in Jerusalem (about 70 A.D.) there is no sacrificial cult anymore. So there is also no forgiveness anymore in Judaism.

Those who understand supernatural coherences, know that forgiveness and spiritual compensation is not possible without a sacrifice. (Hebrew 9:16-19). Actually our whole life is a permanent sacrifice (Romans 12,1) We take and get every time power from somewhere. When we are not connected to God, every action, we do, is an action that causes debts, because the power and motivation, has been taken by a source of power that has not been paid for. This withdrawal of power has not been compensated in the unseen realm. These debts accumulate constantly. Because of that a life without faith in the power of the sacrificial death and the blood of Jesus has every time side-effects, because the debts for the source, the actions are coming from, have not been paid for.

Only somebody without debts, without sin, could pay these debts. Because of that Jesus Christ died on the cross for our debts and has payed with his blood for our sins. Only the person that can have this insight, is somebody who has become free through the blood of Jesus – from everything that divides him from God: Sin. Only by the sacrifice of Christ at the cross and his blood, a man can be set free from sin and therefore learn to know God personally.

Who acts by faith in Jesus, uses forces, that was payed for. Because of that there are no side effects. He stands under the seal of God and acts out of HIS authorized source: Out of the power of the Holy Spirit.
Who does not have faith in Jesus, activates forces, that are stolen and are not authorized. These are forces that are not from God.

Jesus, son of God, likewise divine and humanly, without sin, has paid with his blood for all our debts. There is no greater sacrifice. Because there cannot be any greater sacrifice, as from God HIMself. Therefore the sacrifice of Jesus on the cross is the payment for everything we used from the heavenly worlds without HIS authorization. Because the authorization comes from God himself, reclamations are not valid. Now we can live every moment with personal access Jesus, who has opened the door for us, to God, the father. Jesus is the biggest and matchless sacrifice, that even cleanses the conscience, therefore we are able to have fellowship with God with inner freedom, absolutely personally. (Hebrew 10:2-4 and 18-20).

Jesus is the one sacrifice, that carries our sins. (Heb 10:14). In relation to this it is understandable, when Jesus teaches the lords supper as sacrifice of his body and blood: “Who eats my flesh and drinks my blood, has eternal life, and I will raise him from the dead at the last day. Because my flesh is real food and my blood real drink.” (John 6: 54-55 own translation).
With this statement Jesus gives credit to the intimate proximity with him and his followers, that is experienced during the lords supper in a mysterious way.

A friend of mine told me the following witness: During the lords supper, a priest held the bread high and said: “Dear church, look here, this is really Jesus.” And after the bread was handed, he held the cup with the wine and emphasized: “And this is the blood of Jesus – real.” In this moment the church experienced healing and people were set free from dark forces. That miracle happened already before the visitors of the service had the chance to take part in the lords supper.

The lords supper reminds us of the reality of the death of Jesus at the cross and at the power of his blood. When we accept it by faith, we experience, how the resurrection power of Jesus Christ has effect on us and on his congregation. Because Jesus was crucified only one time, the lords supper confirms the one reality of the blood sacrifice of Jesus, that knocks out all other sacrifices, with all their effects.

Faith in Jesus Christ expects the supernatural and unlimited reality of God. He who has become a Christian has learned to know Jesus personally and has been born again through his Holy Spirit. He is a new creation of God (2Cor 5:17; John 3:5-7). He who is born again through Christ, immediately is a partaker of his eternity, today, promptly now, in this life. (Eph 3:9-11). Somebody could also say: He who has learned to know Jesus personally, has got insight into his supernatural world (1Cor 13:12).

The reason, why faith in Jesus Christ is intolerant, is because only he comes into heaven, who has learned to know Jesus personally. The heavenly realm is legalistic and relentless. Everything, that is taken by man without recognizing Jesus, is stolen and will be reclaimed from everybody. Nobody else can pay for it.
Jesus has paid the bill for us on the cross. Now we are free to get in contact with heaven. It is the same, like you are invited by somebody into a restaurant, because you are so desperately hungry. You let yourself be served all kind of dishes, eat those and a rich friend pays in full for everything, because anyway, you have no money to pay for it.

Without the Holy Spirit it is not possible to have an encounter with the living and resurrected Christ. The work of the Holy Spirit excludes other spirits. The Holy Spirit is pure love. He is also exclusive and intolerant. God is a jealous God (e.g. Ezekiel 8:5), but full of love (Eph 2:4-5). Loving, yes- but not everything leads into the presence of God. The bible talks clearly about things, that suffocates or even stop the work of the Holy Spirit.

The love of God, that is mentioned with the greek word “agape”, is unconditional but holy love (1John 3:1-2). Maybe this love is less understandable, because no human being can have this love by himself. Often we remain still behind the brotherly love. For this love the bible uses the Greek term: “phileo”. This is the love that supports the brothers and sisters in the faith and those, who are for us. The “agape” – love supports those, who are against us, it loves even those, who hate us and would love to destroy us. The “agape” love is like a consuming fire (Hebrew 12:29). It is love, that is given to those, that have accepted Jesus in their hearts. (1John 3:14-11). This love is indivisible connected to this God of Isaac, Abraham and Jacob. HE is Jahwe, that has revealed HIMSELF in Jesus Christ. HE exceeds our imaginations, HIS work is every time different, as we have expected, HIS love is every time bigger as our mind, HIS voice is every time well known, because who belongs to HIM, hears his voice. (John 10:27).

Lord Jesus I plead the blood over me and my whole life. I believe an I declare that your death on the cross and your resurrection is the one and only sacrifice to give me freedom from all things, that want to divide me from YOU. With your blood sacrifice you have the victory over satan and all his evil works. You give me peace. And you are blessing me abundantly and limitless. Thank you, lord, I praise you, honor you and worship you.

(c) Steffen Bürger
Thanks to Sarah Nafula for proofreading.
Thanks to Aaron Bürger for suggestions and feedback.