Risen from the dead … Does it make a difference?

Resurrected - Glory (c) Photograph: Steffen Bürger 10.04.2017
Resurrected – Glory (c) Photograph: Steffen Bürger 10.04.2017

Jesus is risen from the dead.
Christians believe that for 2000 years: Jesus, the son of God, died on the cross, took our sins and our debts, because he was without sin and at the third day he rose from the dead. But why should that be important for us to believe – does it make a difference?
Faith is the substance that gives us the ability to come to God. Without faith it is not possible. Faith is like a substance, that overcomes boundaries. Faith is like a thorn, that pricks the wall that divides us from the experience of the presence of God.
The bible says: “Without faith it is impossible to please him: for the person that comes to God must believe that he is, and that he will reward those who earnestly seek him.” (Hebrew 11,6)
Salvation can only happen, as long as we are still living in the flesh, that means in our bodies. Because in the flesh it is only possible to meet Jesus through faith. Without body, without flesh salvation is not possible, because we have the task to overcome the flesh – that means the physical dimension – through faith.
After our death we cannot anymore prick through the physical by faith, and we cannot watch anymore through the wall that divides us from God. That’s why Jesus had to die, because through his death his flesh died and he pricked through the wall that divides us from God.
We cannot see God with our physical eyes because the physical man misses the glory of God. Faith is like a bridge, a rope, a door opener, a passage to God, the Father. Faith is not assumption or agreement.
Without faith it is not possible, to please God. By faith God takes away everything that divides us from him, that prevents the glory of God to become real in our lives. Who does not parttake in the Glory of God doesn’t fit to Gods character, which is glory and light. The one who meets him without this glory, would be knocked over by the glory of God so strongly that he would die. Because of that we cannot see God with our natural eyes, but only with our spiritual eyes. Otherwise it would be like a burning bright light, that would not be bearable. Only with Jesus can we see God, because we then carry the character of God in us and because of that we are carriers of his glory and his light. That is possible when we let Jesus clean us from everything that divides us (our sins) from God the father. Therefore Jesus died and shed his blood for us.
After we have died it is too late to accept his salvation because our natural body has died and we can see Jesus. When our body has died, our body cannot be cleansed through the blood of Jesus because our natural body is dead. We retain now in the state that we had before our death: clean or unclean.
The blood of Jesus cleanses us from all our unrighteousness in the lifetime. When we are dead it can’t clean us anymore. Because when we have died, we see Jesus in his glory. When our soul and our spirit doesn’t carry his glory, our soul will also die with our physical death. It means eternal death. Because our soul is still soaked in the darkness of sin, that we don‘t have the glory of God inside of us we are divided from God. As long as we are not set free from sin and death by faith in Jesus and what he has done for us, while we are alive in our physical bodies, we get lost.
Your life can be good – compared with the glory of God it is life in darkness. After our death we realize the real truth about us: eternal glory and eternal life or eternal darkness and eternal death. When we have lost our bodies, Jesus, in his power and glory, is evident for everybody. When he is evident, no faith is needed anymore, to “prick the wall”, that divides humanity from God. Then it is too late for those, who have not accepted the cleansing power of the blood of Jesus. He will never see the glory of God, but only the darkness, that he had lived in before, that remains now for eternity. For those who have accepted Jesus, the glory of God has become perfect and they have eternal life. Faith never ceases.

Prayer for salvation:
Lord Jesus Christ, I am a sinner and I need your salvation. I believe, that you died for me on the cross and you rose from the dead and that you shed your blood for me. Now I can live free from sin and debts. I confess that I have not always lived as you wanted. Please forgive me for my sins. I invite you, Holy Spirit, into my life. Please reign over my life and lead me. I thank you now, that you came into my life. Fill it completely with your glory.


(c) Steffen Bürger
Thanks for proofreading by Sarah Nafula