Pentecost 2020: Christians expect an extraordinary outpouring of the Holy Spirit!

View from the Mount of Olives to the temple in Jerusalem Photo (c) Steffen Buerger
View from the Mount of Olives to the temple in Jerusalem
Photo (c) Steffen Buerger

Who is it, that can receive the new refreshment and outpouring of the Holy Spirit in these days?
In Acts 2,1 it is written, that they were all together at one place. The unity and the community is a key for receiving the wonder of pentecost also today. The pretence, to wear, because of corona mouthcaps and the distance rules are an attack of satan against the receiving of the wonder of pentecost.

But Jesus will not let HIMSELF be hindered to pour out HIS Holy Spirit. It is important, to be in unity and peace in your environment and your place of influence and to expect HIM.

Shawout is the parrallel Jewish feast, the celebration of the receiving of the commandments. At these day (today at Fryday) there is no work, but joyful celebration. The book of Exodus is read at this day.

Likewise it must have been at the day of Pentecost after the death and the ressurection of Jesus. The happy celebration of the community in the upper room led the people around them probably to the thought, that the disciples, that were assembled in Jerusalem, were drunk. But they were drunk by the Holy Spirit. Let us also receive the outpouring of the Holy Spirit, by resting in unity and expectation for that, what Jesus will do in these days.

Lord Jesus Christ,
help me, to receive your special outpouring of your Holy Spirit. Please take away everything, that could be a blocking and show me everything in my life, that could hinder or reduce YOUR blessing. Cleanse me by your blood and take away every sin outfrom my life. Now, I am ready to receive. Let me understand the language of YOUR Holy Spirit, so that I don’t miss the unexpected. Make me ready for that, what you have prepared for me, even when it is different as that, what I have expected. Thank you, that you are so loving and kind.