What we can imagine, will come to pass…

Our imagination - our truth (c) Steffen Buerger (South Africa, 09th February 2018)
Our imagination – our truth
(c) Steffen Buerger (South Africa, 09th February 2018)

God’s eternal nature knows all things and has been at every place before and is still there.
That means, every thought I have, that has godly character, is a thought that comes out of the eternity of God. This means also: it is a thought, God already knows. God is eternal and because it is a thought that represents God’s will, this thought brings eternity into time – it brings heaven to earth. And because this heavenly thought, as a thought from God, is aligned with Gods will, this thought will become reality in time and space. A thought that is in the will of God it will surely come to pass. Jesus says: “God’s will be done on earth, as it is in heaven” (Matt 6,10).

Because God is eternal there is no process in him.
Process needs time. Everything that happens for us in the future or what is processed had already happened in eternity. That means for our eternal God, past, presence and future are one in eternity. Everything that we see coming in the future is already there in eternity. We humans partner with God by faith. Faith activates the process that what is in our sanctified imagination manifests on earth physically. The sanctified imagination is an imagination, that is according to Gods will.

By faith in Jesus we start to do the things we see in the eternal realm, as if they were there in the physical. By doing this we act in an eternal manner, because even when the things are not there in the physical, the things man can see spiritually before the inner eyes are already there in eternity. When I agree with the things that are glorifying his name, and are bringing forth HIS kingdom, and I act according to the will of God, then faith activates these things, that I have in my sanctified imagination, in the physical realm of daily life. They manifest in the realm of time and space, because in eternity there is no process and no limit: The things are already there. Faith brings godly things that I have already in my spiritual imagination into the natural reality.

Lord Jesus Christ, give me the spirit of wisdom and revelation (Eph 1,18), give me revelation of your word and give me faith, so that I can live from my spiritual imagination, that my life is aligned to your will

(c) Steffen Buerger