Pastor Israel Mivule (Part 2): “God healed me instantly”

Pastor Israel Mivule, Prayer Mountain Kampala Seguku (August, 24th, 2017)
(c) Photography Pastor Israel Mivule

In part 1 of the interview Pastor Israel Mivule was telling us, how Jesus called him into ministry with an audible voice, how he went sick and how he went on the way to the Prayer Mountain in his desperation.

In this blog, the second part of the interview, he talks about, how Jesus continued with him on the prayer mountain, and how he healed him instantly.

So I reached to Kampala, asked people: “Where it is prayer mountain?”, they directed me, I got another means to the prayer mountain. I reached, it was a little bit around 8 pm, got to the reception, I asked for a private tent, where I can be alone. They said: “No more”, they had a public where other people used to stay. They said: “Okay, go and stay there one night and tomorrow we’ll get you a private tent.” I had to pay.

And during day, when I went, the Lord came to me in the morning and said: “Israel, go fasting, go and fast for three days. Not eating anything, not drinking anything.” So, I said: “Okay”. I went, I started fasting. The first day, not eating anything, not drinking anything. The second day, not eating anything, not drinking anything. The third day, not eating anything, not drinking anything. So at the end of the third day there was a group of ministers, who came to pray near the thicket where I was.

You know this african prayer mountain, I am talking about is a place, which is at a hill, one of the mountains around near Kampala, and it has some bushy places, it has some thickets, some deep, deep thickets. It’s a big one, it’s around like eight acres. Where you can set up. Many people do come and seek God, but I separated myself far away, deep in the forest. So these people also chose to come and they prayed near me. So as they came near me, they were starting to praise, to worship, then they said: “Ah, let us call the other brother to come.” But I was smelling very badly and my understanding was not so good. So I came and they said: “Aah, this man can smell very badly – aah, his smell is very badly!” But they went on with me to pray with me, and as we were holding hands, something happened, which was so special. That I felt, something coming from HEAVEN!! As you can feel the same human being like I am, coming and sit inside of me, like “Zzzzshhhhhh!!” And it was a strong power that came in my life from above.
Steffen: From above?
Israel: From above.
Steffen: Through your head and then…??
Israel: Through my head and then inside of me.
Then I felt like somebody, like as you feel: the legs fitting in the legs, the hands fitting in the hands, like somebody fitting in me as me my soul but somebody. So strong and centered in my chest with a lot of fire. And fire consumed my chest. And then, that experience was a lot of power and strength. Spirit of power an strength – that people could not hold me.
And everybody I just hold or they were just screaming because it was so strong. I could hold their hands like I could hold two peoples hands in my one hand like this and they could scream, because the power was too much.
As the bible talks about Samson. When the power came upon him so that he could lift things. And somtimes I remember – the only way to appease this power – sometimes I could hold a tree, a tree, when the power comes too much. Hold a tree, like this (points at a grown up tree) by the POWER!! so much. And at that same time it was a time that I could speak prophetically. And I could see prophetically. It was a time that my eyes something, something developed over my eyes, and I felt like eyes were sooo big. And they started scratching then – but when I could look at a person, I could not only end at the outside of a person. My eyes could go through the person. And if there is something like a tumor inside, my eyes could just penetrate and see, even what is in the veins inside.

And that time I was – that experience it was so deep over my life and it took long that these people prayed and were tired and they started – they decided to leave me from there but I went on and the Lord went on with me. I could see a lot of things. Anybody who would just come near me I could know, what he has done, and what happened in his life and I could tell him.

So that great experience the Lord spoke to me and said: “Israel, you are not going to do, what you want. I brought you on earth for a purpose. I created you for a purpose. You will do my work. My people are suffering. I want to send you. Be with me. Don’t go back in your business.” So after that, it was late in the night and I was so tired. But this power never ceased and it stayed there and the fire. I could not even join my hands, because all of my body was consumed with fire. All my chest and I could take like a jerrican of, like 5 liter jerrican of water, and the smell of fire that was coming out of me it was as somebody can light a matchbox.  That smell that comes out of that matchbox, it was the smell now coming out of me.
Steffen: Like fire?
Israel: Like fire.
Steffen: Came out of you?
Israel: Yeah, came out of me. That was the smell because of the fire, that had consumed me and that moment I was healed of my brain. And even the pain I was having, even the smell that was coming out of me, that moment I were healed.

So from that time I started living at prayer mountain. And the Lord told me again after some weeks to fast for five days. Without eating without drinking anything, not even water. Then at the end of those five days I got also another deep experience were the presence of God again was too much over my life. And that time, whenever I could move around the prayer mountain I could see people but my eyes could go through them. We have the camp fire at the prayer mountain where the people seat and pray every night, throughout the night. Many, many people sit there and pray. But every time I could go at that camp fire or at the altar, my eyes could just go deep through the people. So I just cover my eyes and learn in a way from that people. I just went and hide myself and be with the Lord.

So it was a deep experience with the Lord that I started praying through the night. Every night I could not sleep. Every night I could be praying. I always slept during day. But throughout the night I was praying and praying. So the more I went deep in prayer the more the reality of God came to existence into my life. That it reached a moment my parents were looking for me because I had disappeared from them and I was in a place where I nobody knew. I was in the prayer mountain nobody knew of my family. So they went on the TV the radio, they went to the police, searching for me. They thought, maybe I was killed. And the Lord spoke to me and said: “Israel, you are not going back. You are not going to do what your father payed school fees for you. Or what your mother payed school fees for you. You are not going to do your profession. You are going to do my work.” And he told me: “You never leave this place. I brought you to prayer mountain to train you to prepare you and after a time, when the time will come, I will send you to the nations to go ant tell them about me. Tell them about my reality – that I’m a God who is with them. And so you are here now to do my work. And you will not go back.”

In the third part of the interview Pastor Israel Mivule talks about, how Jesus intervened with his supernatural provision to survive in the forest and how he learned to understand nature. All this in the next blog.

(c) Pastor Israel Mivule and Steffen Bürger

Pastor Israel Mivule preaching (c) Photography: Pastor Israel Mivule
Pastor Israel Mivule preaching
(c) Photography: Pastor Israel Mivule