Pastor Israel Mivule (Part 4): “I saw Angels and the Throne of God”

Pastor Israel Mivule, Prayer Mountain Kampala Seguku (August, 19th 2017) (c) Photography Pastor Israel Mivule

In the last blog Pastor Israel Mivule told us, how God provided for him supernaturally with food and hwo the Holy Spirit taught him to play the keyboard. In this blog he tells us, how he saw hosts of angels on the Prayer Mountain gathering around the throne of God.

So – what happened next: I continued doing ministry at Prayer Mountain. I remember time reached, when I was tired to live in the forest. You know, living in the forest for one year, two years, three years, sometimes you reach a moment and you are tired. But what I remember ever, since the other experience, God was moving mightily my life, God was using me so much in the healing ministry and in the prophetic ministry. And I had a lot of experiences – a lot of experiences. So I reached a moment, when I was tired to stay at the Prayer Mountain. Then I – one day, I wanted to go back in the business, because I had no money, what, what, – a lot of things happened. So one day, I determined to go back. I went back in my things, ready to go back. And I remember in the … I got a trance. You know trance …?
Steffen: Yes.
Israel: I got a trance. Ahh, seeing angels surrounding Prayer Mountain, having shirts, having weapons, all over the Prayer Mountain.
Many angels surround as guards. And I saw other angels in the middle of the prayer mountain moving. And in the middle of the Prayer Mountain, I saw a big throne. And somebody was seated on the throne, putting on white garment. And besides his seat, his throne, there were many, many gifts, many, many, many gifts. And in the Prayer Mountain, there were many people, bowing down their heads, praying, crying, praying, crying. And there were many ministering spirits from the throne coming to minister to the people. And anybody who used asking for something, they could go and pick it from the throne, they bring it to him. And that person goes. It happened like that. And I said: “Aah?” When I saw this happening, real, physically going on like this in the trance, it spent like this, that trance took like – like ten minutes, something like five minutes. And I was amazed.
When I came out of the trance, I started walking carefully. I said: “Where is the throne, where is the throne?” And a voice spoke to me that said: “Israel, I am in this place. Don’t think that I am not here. I am in this place. Don’t go away. I love you. Anything you want, I will do. And here are many angels, ministering angels in this place.” And he said: “Do not go and do not leave this place. I am doing a work in you. And I will use you.” Whow! That great experience. I said: “Whow” I moved like a mad person. I run from the one corner to the other corner of the mountain. “Where is the throne, where is the throne, where is the throne?” I was like amazed, off the way. So that encouraged me so much. Now, it was the same time, that the ministry, they didn’t know me in the ministry, then the Lord spoke to me and said: “Israel, I want you to come out of the forest, I want you to start ministering that Prayer Mountain.”
You know, at Prayer Mountain there is a church, also there is a 24/7 prayer going for the nations. So I asked God: “Oh it’s not easy to join the ministers – they don’t know me. How will I join them?” Then the Lord said that: “I will let you in.” And he told me: “I will let you through and the instruments. You will operate the PA system and the instruments.” And amazingly somebody who was less possible over that department of the media the Lord told me that: “Go, and present yourself to the administrator.” I went and I told the administrator who I am, the time I spent here and what the Lord had spoken to me and the administrator handed me over the department leader. But the department leader didn’t want me to join. So he persecuted me so badly to chase me from the PA system, from the keyboard, he didn’t want me to touch it. And I said: “God, now I cannot go ahead, because this man is chasing me out. I will not go again.” And God is amazing. Within a few days, I don’t know what happened with this man. I think he did something bad, and he ran away from the Prayer Mountain. He did not come back to the Prayer Mountain. And now nobody was there to operate the machines. The keyboard was there – nobody to operate. And the Lord told me: “Go! I want you to go and operate.” But I didn’t know anything. Totally I didn’t know anything. And I asked God: “But I don’t know anything!” And God told me: “I will teach you. Go, I will teach you.” Then the first experience was the keyboard. I didn’t know the keyboard. And the quire was there, nobody was playing the keyboard. I tried to touch the keyboard, I didn’t know. I went back to hear myself God: “You told me to go. Even the keyboard is there. But I cannot play!” And the Lord spoke to me and said: “Go and touch it. And always have time, spend time during day, spend more time, study the keyboard. I will teach you how to play the keyboard.” And he told me that: “If you consistently go and sit over it and play and try to touch it, I will teach you.” Then I started coming to the keyboard. I started trying, trying. I didn’t know anything. And I went back to him: “God, what can I do?” And I remember very well, the Lord speak, started telling me, to touch it note by note, note by note, note by note. And he gave me this song: “I surrender”, to start doing this song. I started: “Ah, na na, den, den, den, den, den.” And I remember, when you know, God is awesome, a day when I was praying and I felt in my brain an addition wisdom in my brain. That experience, even up today, I’m amazed of it. I cried more that God teaches me but I remember physically something added over my brain.
Steffen: AMEN
Israel: And the next time when I sit, started playing, playing, the keyboard, playing, playing and the more I do it, I came understanding, I came learning, learning and now the worshipers, the worshipers. One day they wanted me to play the keyboard, but I didn’t know. I had learned one key and that was C and I didn’t know that there is even changing of keys. There is somebody can sing in another key. And one day they came I was playing the keyboard in one key – C. And as they changed into another key, I could not go on. And they could quarrel: “We are singing in another key – you are playing another key, we don’t know.” I went before God – I said: “God, how, how, they are telling me about another keys I don’t know, what does it mean?” And I the spirit of the Lord was saying: “You will listen. Listen to somebody as he is singing. You will hear him in his key and you will hear him increasing the key or going down. That means he has changed the key. Now use the transpose first, when you see, you hear him changing the key – you transpose to another key.” And I went – every word I got from God it came with a drop of wisdom in my brain. When I came practically at the keyboard. And I started slowly by slowly, slowly by slowly. Eeh, it came to the reality that God was teaching me seriously. I remember some people used to come, finding me fingering around for them – they had experienced playing the keyboard – they are in other churches – they wanted to teach me. And God is a jealous God – the spirit of God is a jealous God, sometimes. Because, I remember, they wanted to teach me. They said: “We will come back to teach you!” Every time, to show you how they make. But they never came back. And the spirit of the Lord said: “I am the one I told you I will teach you myself. They will not come back. Because I want to teach you myself.” And he told me how to listen. For me, when I play keyboard, I don’t read songs, I play by hearing. Any song somebody brings, I just play, because I just hear, listen to you, singing, get the key, and I play. It was an experience from that time I gained experience and experience and I started playing the keyboard in a wonderful way. And it had an anointing that every evening I used to be in the church, playing the keyboard, people could come and just sit down and just be in worship and be forgotten. They have just come and just passed by. And people were healed. And even when I went to the nations, when I was leading worship, playing even the keyboard, I felt a flow of the spirit very deep. And people asking me: “How did you learn the keyboard?” But every time I could tell them: “Nobody told me the keyboard. It was the Holy Spirit teaching me the keyboard.”
Steffen: Amen
Israel: So, a lot of experiences really I was seeing. A lot and a lot of experiences.
Even from that time the Lord told me when I would operate the PA system the camera, then, from that I went to the levels of being, leading the media, leading the worship team, leading intercessory teams, now I do the pastor work. I do ministry. So, really, it’s a journey. A journey, from that time, that’s when the Lord even gave me a wife.

In the next and last part of the interview Pastor Israel Mivule is telling us, how God gave him a wife and how God healed him miraculously from high blood pressure.

(c) Pastor Israel Mivule and Steffen B├╝rger

Pastor Israel Mivule preaching (c) Photography: Pastor Israel Mivule
Pastor Israel Mivule preaching
(c) Photography: Pastor Israel Mivule

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