Infinity is not eternity but infinity images God’s eternity.

Moon and Stars (c) Photography: Steffen Buerger 29 th March 2018 (arr. by Steffen Buerger)
Moon and Stars
(c) Photography: Steffen Buerger 29 th March 2018 (arr. by Steffen Buerger)

Who knows the beginning and who knows the end of the universe?
There is no end of that, which is small and there is no end of that, which is big.

Infinity is not eternity but infinity images God’s eternity. Structures of the universe image Gods eternity.
Great discoveries are sometimes very tiny and little, but they create new questions and when they are solved, for every single solved question again “ten” new questions arise. In this way timelessness is modeled in the realm of time, while, in the realm of time, every new opportunity increases the number of opportunities endlessly, and answered questions create continually new questions.
An endless loop of questioning and answering comes into being. If you research one of the smallest particles, you will still find a smaller particle, however you name it: electron, quantum, boson, however. With this eternity is modeled in the cumulative endlessness of the sequence and innovation of scientific questioning.

Eternity is modeled in the physical world also through the ball shape of our planets. This is particularly evident with the example of our Earth. For better communication man has broken down the time differences into different time – zones. This is evident, when on one side of the earth there is daylight and on the other side is night.
But taken very precisely is on every small spot on the world different time. Because on every smallest spot of the earth there is a different time existing at the same “time”. Every time taken together is endless time or no time – is also a physical form of expression of eternity inside the realm of time and space.

Distance and time are directly related to each other. The universe is, compared with us humans or compared with bacterias or even smaller particles, unimaginable big. But, even though, everything is completely structured up to the very smallest, the least little particle.
Size can defined as distance. But it can also be seen as an endless chain of increasing details. Likewise is the relation in between sizes expression of the dimension of time. When, in particular, size is defined as a gradual process of a period of details, this chain would be endless and with this expression of eternity within the physical dimension.

In the dimension of eternity there is no time. While there is no time in eternity, the universe pictures this eternity, in its endless structure of details. For every little small detail, there is a greater detail and vice versa: for every greater detail there is a smaller detail. When there is no end – you can assume that there is also no beginning.

In the dimension of eternity, timelessness, there is no beginning and no end, no big and no small. As this, in the dimension of eternity, small things that happen in our world, are possibly very important and big.

With this some big things that possibly block our sight are quite small. In eternity, everything is together, but it is not alike.

That is the reason, why we humans are so important to God. Because God is eternal and although we humans are so small, compared with the size of the universe, we are very large in front of his eyes, because we are similar to HIM.

That’s also why very small deeds, that we do covertly, more valuable before God, as deeds, that appear big and that can be seen and that are lauded and appreciated. That’s why titles and awards do not mean anything to God, because big things have lost their size in eternity.

But rather what remains in eternity, what shines big and bright, is love. Everything, what a man does and has done covertly out of unconditional love, is eternal and remains. It is in the dimension of time little and possibly unseen in this world, but in eternity it is very big. God sees everything, what we do covertly out of love. It is born out of Jesus, because God is love, that has shown itself on this earth in Jesus. Jesus is the love of God, that has come on this earth.
He lived as human, very little and became yet so big in his lowermost hour, on the cross. At this moment time and eternity met and the portal to eternity opened. The greatest humiliation became the greatest exaltation, the greatest defeat became the greatest victory.
Because he has steadily access to God the Father and to the kingdom of God, God resurrected him. Since then eternity and time are linked again.
Jesus shed his blood for us, died for us, that we could die with him and with this we can live for him. With this the dimension of eternity has become tangible reality.
Living in the dimension of time is constantly dying. In the dimension of eternity death becomes life, because life looses its time.

Thank you, Jesus, that you overcame time and death because you resurrected after death. I confess that I am a sinner. Thank you: Through your cross I died with you and my sins are washed away by your blood. You took them on the cross, in your eternity they loose their power. In YOUR eternity, there is no more big, small, fast, slow, good or bad, but rather that YOU, Jesus and I become one. One with you, Jesus, with the Father and the Holy Spirit. Thank you.

(c) Steffen Buerger
Thanks to Sarah Nafula for proofreading.