Gods name is faith – it happens…

(c) Photo: Jan-David Bürger, June 17th 2018
(c) Photo: Jan-David Bürger, June 17th 2018

I am just reading 2. Mose 3,1-15 ff and God is talking to me about HIS name: I will be, who I will be (I am who I am, I was, who I was) . It is the Name of faith. So only one word in the name of Jesus in the Name of God and it happens – it is!!
The name of God is the name that calls out of nothing into being: Things that are not, or that are only in the imagination, – are manifesting out of the imagination into being.
That is the name of God. His name is wonder- being. Everything what we speak in the name of I AM of BEING – IS – and happens.
Practically: When we speak HIS word, it happens. When we pray his Word – it happens.

(c) Steffen Buerger

Thanks to my spouse Sarah Nafula for proofreading.

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