Spoken words spread like the waves of the sea…

Explosion - (c) Photography: Steffen Bürger (2017)
Explosion –
(c) Photography: Steffen Bürger (01 Jan 2017)

Spoken words are not only words. Spoken words are a direct expression of your inner being. It’s not only the word, formed with your mouth, that transports an intellectual understanding about what is said. Spoken words are more than that. The impact of the sense behind every word, causes creative power, that influences your environment, your life and the life of others. Words have a eternal dimension. God spoke “Let there be light and there was light” ( Gen 1:3). The influence  of your word spreads much wider than you probably think and has more impact than you probably expect.  It goes both directions: – either your words are good or they are bad. Their influence is spreading like the waves of the sea. Not the word itself but the spiritual expression behind the word, that you spoke, is spreads like ocean waves.
The only reason I can imagine why people gossip, slander and offend somebody, is because they have the illusion, that the words they speak cannot affect them. Even words you speak over the life of others have influence on your own life. Words are spreading like waves, like a stone thrown into the water and the waves are spreading.
Just imagine somebody that was brought up in a safe home, that was soaked with love by the parents, siblings and other relatives, that has experienced grace when he failed and that got the encouragement that was needed to take the challenges to reach the destiny, that was seeded by God into the spirit of the child. This person would have deep self confidence, would love himself and others and would be equally graceful to others, when they would make a mistake. Such a person would hardly gossip about somebody that had made a mistake – he would encourage the person – such a person would hardly slander somebody and such a person would hardly offend people in a conflict but would look for a peaceful solution. But somebody that lacks all these things, he has the feeling, that something is missing in his life. This person would gossip, slander and offend people much easier.

What people say about others is more a statement about themselves than about others. Actually somebody opens his own deepest secrets about himself by talking about others. Jesus says that everybody speaks that what they have in their heart. A good person speaks good things and a bad person speaks bad things. (Matthew 12:33-37).
Now imagine that all the words you have ever spoken are like waves that spread like the waves of the sea. They spread around you and your environment and affect also your own life and your own destiny. By speaking bad things about the life of others you are expressing all the bad things that will affect your own destiny – and it will come back to you many times harder as you have intended.
It is the same with the blessing you spread over the life of others – it spreads around like a wave of an ocean. The blessings you speak to others is either the blessing you have already experienced or the blessing you express for the future that will come into your own life. So take care about what you speak, because “death and life are in the power of the tongue: and what people speak that will be the fruit that they will eat” (Prov 18:28). Your tongue defines your destiny.

The good thing is: You can change your thinking and you can destroy the bad by using your tongue consciously by blessing yourself and your environment. With the following prayer and proclamation I want to invite you to start with this right now: speak and proclaim blessings over your own life. I just took Deuteronomy 28 Verses 1-14 and changed it into this present time with my own words. It is a powerful blessing. Speak it – speak it loud – proclaim it with confidence!

Prayer and Declaration:
Lord, you have promised me, that, because I have given my life to you and I have the Holy Spirit in me and I follow your word, all these blessings are mine and you have given me honor.
I am blessed in the city, and I am blessed in the field.
Blessed is my family, my children, – even when they are not yet born.
Blessed is the fruit of my ground.
Blessed is the fruit of my work.
Blessed is the increase of my income, and the money I have saved.
Blessed are my bank accounts and my investments.
I am blessed when I come in and I am blessed when I go out.
I am protected by the Lord.
He causes the enemies, that rise up against me, to be smitten before my face.
They come out one way and they flee before me in seven ways.
I proclaim that the Lord is commanding blessings upon my inhabitants, my storehouses, bank accounts and
in all that I do with my work.
He blesses me in the place which the LORD, my God, has given me.
I confess and declare that the Lord has made me holy and righteous.
He has sworn to me that he will never leave me nor forsake me.
He is with me all the time. He has put his word into my heart and in my mind to lead me on the righteous path.
I confess and declare that all people of the earth see that I am called by the name of the LORD.
I am a respectable person.
I confess and declare that the Lord is prospering me in all needs and is giving me plenty of goods and property.
I am blessed with divine health, healthy relationships and healthy friendships.
I am blessed with an open heaven and with insight in divine truth and mercy.
I am blessed because he soaks me with the rain of his Holy Spirit, because the time of the LORD is now. I am blessed in all the work of my hand: I will lend to all nations and I will not borrow.
I am the head and not the tail.
I am above and not beneath.
I am blessed by Jesus who lives inside of me.
He protects me and gives me the ability to live everyday blessed and to stay in his word.

(c) Steffen Bürger
Thanks to Sarah Nafula for proofreading.

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    Am blessed by your wisdom. You are blessed and you are a blessing

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