Pastor Israel Mivule (Part 3): “When I lived in the forest, God intervened with his miraculous provision”

Pastor Israel Mivule, Prayer Mountain Kampala Seguku (August, 19th, 2017)
(c) Photography Pastor Israel Mivule

The last blog Pastor Israel Mivule was telling, how God healed him instantly and how God called him on the Prayer Mountain,. In this part of the interview he tells us, how God provided for him supernaturally, after he had lost all his resources.

So when my family searched for me and it reached a moment because it was not easy I had nothing to eat, I had left my business, I did not go there, all my money that I invested just perished. Because the Lord was saying: “This is the reason why I created you, not the other one.”, I started obeying, because even the experience I was going through. So I lived outside the house. Because even the tent, that they had given me, time reached when I had no money to pay it. Then I decided to move out of the tent and go camp in the forest. Then many times, many years and many months I lived outside the house, not inside the house in the forest. And I had no person I knew. The only friends I got were the insects that were in the forest. But I tell you, God is amazing. I have the experience – living in the forest, the forest life. It’s a good experience that the Lord taught me a lot of things.

From that moment I loved nature. I loved the nature, I loved the insects and all. Because it reached a moment that every… I even lost… When you sleep outside and you don’t sleep in the house, but you sleep outside, for a long time, you lose the smell of humanity. You lose that smell that some insects can not detect that there is a human being here.
This is like snakes – snakes always they detect that something is there that there is a human being. So because I was living outside it reached a moment when they could not detect that I am there.
So I remember one day, because I was praying through the night – I could come out of the forest camp to the camp fire where there was light, and they could pray through the night. So one day I went praying in the night and in the morning I went back in my forest. On day I was resting, sleeping and I was in the dream. And in this dream I dreamed when a voice was telling me, to push my two legs, to push them. And in that dream, they, physically, the voice happened physically, that in that the force pushed my legs up.
Steffen: In the forest?
Israel: In the forest, yeah.
I was dreaming, like the voice was saying: “Push your legs”, but physically, it was happening. And when I pushed, I felt something heavy over my legs. And I opened my eyes, like this: And there was a big snake. A cobra, crawled over my feet. And I, I shook it off – as, because in the dream the voice spoke, but physically – the force pushed me, because the snake was over my leg, physically. And when I pushed it, it dropped down there, it was black in color.
Steffen: Black
Israel: Black in color.
And I was shaking, I was shaking. Then I picked a small stone and a voice spoke to me and said: “Israel, I am your protection, I am God with you. You are my son, I love you. Nothing will harm you, because I love you, but I am your protection.” From that time I ceased from fearing. From that time on, many times I was in the forest, sitting down, praying, praying, praying and behind me, something is happening and I could just hear a voice: “Israel, look behind!” By time I looked behind – I see a big snake, just in my direction. It could not detect that I am seated there, because I was sleeping outside and I had lost the smell that they can detect.
And I just woke up as – eeh, snakes, sometimes I ripped them sometimes I just got a stick and hit it. And that happened to me many times. So insects became my friends. That was a time when I had the experiences with spiders. And I know many of the spiders. And sometimes I could just be walking on their way and I detect quickly that there is a snake besides me. And true! It was there and after that time when I was with people – even with my wife – sometimes they say: “But whioo, as you are walking in the forest every time your eyes are looking there and there. Because the time I spent in the forest I understood many, many things about insects. And now, many insects, when they make sound, I know them. And if they make any sound, I know what it is – maybe it’s a sound for help, maybe something, you can, you can…
Steffen: You understand that what they…
Israel: Yeah, some of the language I understand.
We can be walking together and you just see me doing something, maybe – for you, you don’t care, but for me, I have seen an insect, maybe it is trapped, and I just help it to go out of the trap. So it became part of me when I was in the forest, so it became part of the experience. So my it took me five to six years, when I was in the forest. And it reached a moment, when I was tired of living in the jungle, because I had no food to eat, and there is a small fruits, very, very tiny, I don’t know how they call it in English, but it’s a fruit it is a bunch of fruits, tiny, tiny fruits, that are in the forest, sometimes the monkeys eat a lot of those fruits. Sometimes, when I cried out to God that I needed something to eat, he could show me that small tree, and say: “Go” I could gather them in abundance and I could put them in my, in my… down … and I started eating. I tell you, God is amazing. Every time, I cried for him: “I need something to eat”, and he showed me such fruits. They are not so that they are tasting sweet, no, they are not tasting sweet. I just ate for survival. And it’s because he showed me to go and eat. And what amazed me is every time I could gather them and sit down to eat I could hear a voice of joy with my God. Like somebody laughing, like: “Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha! My son!” And I could look and say: “No, I’m suffering! You are laughing, because I am eating this?” But that was the food. And it could be for the day, and it was not, that it could make me satisfied, but that was the food he had prepared for me to eat that. Sometimes I could get Jack Fruit. I don’t know weather you know Jack Fruit. That is a fruit that is found on a tree. Sometimes I could get Jack Fruit. And when I get Jack Fruit that it was a miracle. So I lived a life… sometimes I am walking on the way and I find a cassava stem. And I just pick it or one Avocado and I just eat for the day.
Steffen: avocado?
Israel: avocado you know?
Steffen: No.
Israel: Avocado I don’t know, is a fruit, aahm. So I survived.
Steffen: Now I have it.
Israel: Avocado.
Steffen: Avocado, yeah I know.
Israel. So it was my life. Sometimes…
Because I did not have money I could pass by restaurants and I could see people eating, enjoying themselves. And I could sit beside the restaurant and say: “God, touch that person, maybe he gives me something to eat.”
Sometimes if people have eaten food and just left – and left over I could just go where they have dropped it and pick it and eat. Sometimes the Lord says: “Leave! Go back in your forest!” And I go, have nothing to eat. And I said: “God, you know I just believe!” And amazingly sometimes late in the night, like around eleven, around ten, around midnight, I see somebody coming with a plate of food. Like God has commanded somebody to bring to look for me in the forest to bring for me food. So it was a miraculous way that God really intervened in my life.

I remember sometimes, when it could be a day, I knew that I had nothing to eat and God speaks to me that: “Israel, today I want you to fast.” Then I said: “God, you want me to fast? Even I don’t have food to eat. I am fasting. And then you are telling me to fast?” Then he said: “No, I want you to fast.” And in the morning, somehow, I get a cup of dry tea: Water with tealeaves. And sitting down to take it. And amazingly, I was sitting under a tree. This happened to me three days. Consistently. God had commanded me to fast and I refused to fast. So when I was sitting down under a tree, saying: “God, I thank you for this dry tea”, because that was what I had got that day, very early in the morning, sitting ready to take it, the bird is just up there. And the bird makes puh-puh, and it drops it’s puh-puh inside down my tea. Then I could wallow on the chest and it would be bad. So I said: “This is the only thing I had to take.” And the Lord said: “I told you to fast, you refused.”
The next day: It’s the same thing – the Lord said: “Israel, you have to fast.” I said: “No, I’ll get some dry tea. I want for myself.” The same day I said, “I don’t realize and forget the tea when yesterday something happened.” The bird does the same thing in the morning. For three days. I was, you know, that experience, every time when I remember it, I said: “God, you are so real, you are so real. If you decide to move in somebodies life, you are so real.” Is we people, who are, you know, who don’t want to have that experience, but God always wants to move in our day todays lifestyle.

In the next blog you can read and listen to part 4 of the interview. There Pastor Israel Mivule talks about how he saw the throne of God and how God taught him to play the keyboard.

(c) Pastor Israel Mivule and Steffen Buerger

Pastor Israel Mivule preaching (c) Photography: Pastor Israel Mivule
Pastor Israel Mivule preaching
(c) Photography: Pastor Israel Mivule

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