Keeping the own house – don’t sell!

Secluded House - Henvelez (Belgium, May 2017) (c) Steffen Buerger
Secluded House – Henvelez (Belgium, May 2017)
(c) Steffen Buerger

In the media you hear and read continually, that people should sell their houses and their properties. The prices on the marketplace for a good house are today very high. Who, that thinks, now I invest my money and I will make more money and I will become very rich, that could make a big mistake.

Who, that sells his house today very expensive, is taking the risk, to be defraud of all of his belonings.
Let’s assume, money would loose its value. Like this, people would have no properties anymore and as a result they would be dependent on others.
If there would be a big crash, and all money and imaginary, virual values, like money or values of stocks, somebody would loose everything, that would have no real, physical posessions.
A house is a real possession, that cannot vanish easily, like the value of money.
Who, that has exchanged the house and his physical posessions against virtual values, like money, that would loose everything. Money would become completely worthless. It could even be, that values like gold would become worthless, because gold can be, possibly manufactured.

It would be better, not to sell the own house. That is my personal opinion. Better it is, to stay living in the own house and to refuse, making the fast money. This person will have a habitation, in that he can abide. Like I said: This is my personal opinion.
All these efforts, to bring people to sell their physical values, will bring them into dependence (assumed that there will be a big financial crash). Who, that is dependent on others, can be manipulated more easily.

(c) Steffen Buerger

Important hint:
I am not trained financial trainer or consultant. This hint in this article is not a subject-specific advise, but just my own personal opinion. Everybody, that takes consequences out of that, what is written here, should do it out of his own responsibility and only after he or she has informed himself thoroughly and subject-specific.
Ich bin kein ausgebildeter Finanzberater. Dieser Hinweis ist kein fachwissenschaftlicher Rat, sondern lediglich meine persönliche Meinung. Jeder, der aus dem hier Geschriebenen Konsequenzen ziehen will, tut dies aus eigener Verantwortung und nachdem er sich umfassend fachlich informiert hat.

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